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Giving Thanks When Things Are Bad

Gratitude in good times is easy. Anyone can rattle off those blessings like a waiter listing salad dressings.

It takes more work to see the pluses in adversity. But that’s where the real bounty lies.

Good times are replete with things.

Hard times–and even the not-quite-so-good times–are rich in lessons:

  • The realization that you CAN handle it.
  • The joy of knowing that love and family do not have dollar signs.
  • The opportunity–or maybe even the necessity–of going in a new life direction.
  • The chance to stop the crazy pace and listen quietly to your heart.

Living well doesn’t require a trip to the mall.  Gratitude is deepest when the rough edge of adversity gouges into the real you under all the surface “stuff.”  Then you get to see clearly what life is really all about:  The chance to love.  The chance to learn.  And the chance to try again.


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