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Time for an Annual Check-up?

Time for an Annual Check-up?

We get a lot of advice about doing a financial “check-up” once a year. And we tend to be aware of the value of making the effort to have an annual health check-up. But there’s another check-up that we need just as much. How are you doing on learning?

There’s more and more research coming out that confirms the importance of continuing to learn as we age. The more we put effort into developing new skills and enhancing our knowledge, the better our brains will continue to work.

But there’s even more to it than that. Learning also keeps us healthy physically. Plus the emotional benefits of staying engaged, of being an active part of the social fabric outweigh the benefits of all the preventative medicine a person can find to practice.

Learning = growing. Growing = thriving.

What are you learning these days? How are you giving your mind good solid exercise? Travel is good–if you do more than sit on the beach or hang out in the casino. Your grandkids are good–if you are listening to them instead of thumbing your phone on the days you agreed to watch them.

Crossword puzzles and Sudoku are better than nothing. But those are solitary pursuits using a limited range of mental gymnastics. Taking a class or joining a discussion group will stretch you more. And be more fun. (Kind of like the difference between hiking in a beautiful place with good friends on a gorgeous day and walking the treadmill while you watch the news alone at home.)

Actually making a commitment to take a class or learn a certain body of knowledge and then following through has additional benefits, too. Completing something enhances your sense of worth. And if the others in your class aren’t people you already knew, you get the chance to make new friends.

The blend of learning opportunities that works best for you is unique, just like your health and finance efforts. But to be sure you have what you need going, you need to take a look at what you have going for learning every once in a while. What better time than the start of the school year?