About this site:

The Mining Silver website went up in 2007, when Bold Retirement, the first version of Mary Lloyd’s “retirement book” was published.  The name–and related business name–came from the sub-title of the book: Mining Your Own Silver for a Rich Life.  (The “silver” is our experience in life. Would someone please tell the mining equipment guys?  They’re still cold-calling….)

In 2009, the book was reintroduced as Supercharged Retirement, and The Silver Mine blog was added to spark conversation about the issues.  The spambots took over whatever was posted, so comments had to be closed.  Postings continued, and the website has been updated several times.  But there hasn’t been much new content for the last 4 years; Mary was working on other things.

This version of the website was begun in September, 2018.  The goals are the same: Help us all to live the last third of our lives well –both for ourselves and in what we have and want to offer for the greater good.  With current options, hopefully, that “ongoing conversation” can happen without a bunch of automated garbage intruding.

About Mary Lloyd:

Mary has been exploring uncharted territory her whole life.  She’s been “first woman to” so many times she’s lost count and believes our best solutions will always be across genders, skin colors, creeds, and personal differences.  Prior to starting Mining Silver, she worked as a geologist, taught college level statistics, spent 17 years in management in the energy industry, ran her own consulting business, co-owned a countertop manufacturing company, and wrote novels. 

She retired really early and has been “working at retirement” for a lot longer than her baby boom cohort. She can see clearly what’s still fuzzy for those who’ve stepped into retirement more recently:  We need meaning in how we fill our days.  We need to be connected to the rest of humanity in daily ways.  We need to be engaged in making things better for others, be it for the world, our communities, our families, or the person to whom you’re providing caregiving.  And we need to have FUN.

The “how to” book she’d wished she had–now titled Supercharged Retirement:  Ditch the Rocking Chair, Trash the Remote, and Do What You Love–was first offered over ten years ago and is still selling. She’s had over 1000 hours of air time as a guest on various talk radio shows.  She authored monthly columns simultaneously for three different retirement-related newsletters (one for over six years). She’s worked with professional groups and corporations to offer better help on ”getting retirement right.”  She’s done numerous seminars open to the public and spoken at retirement-related events with hundreds in attendance.  But all that is behind her.  This is not about building an enterprise anymore.  We need to do the years “after work” differently and figuring out the best route requires a group effort.  Where this conversation goes will be determined by what happens as we go along together.  Links to her writing published on related topics are included, but “selling something” is not the reason for the site

What she knows as we start this adventure together:

  • Our cultural image of retirement is only accurate for the first few years–if at all.
  • There’s a lot of good stuff after the stereotypical years of travel and fulltime leisure. (Some of us don’t want to do that stuff at all.)
  • The key is knowing who you are and being confident of your own value; neither of those things is easy in current society.
  • We need to stay engaged and give what we can best give…AND enjoy life at the same time.
  • We will get farther faster by working on it together.


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NOTE TO MEDIA:  Please contact Mary Lloyd at mary@mining-silver.com for more information.

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