What We’re Trying to Do Here

What We’re Trying to Do Here


In the past, allowing comments on these blog posts turned into a marathon effort at removing unwanted stuff that had nothing to do with the good conversation I was trying to encourage, placed by spambots because “they could.”  So my web guy and I reluctantly closed comments to stay ahead of all that.  Now, there ‘s a better way to deal with that scourge, but it involves a small step from you.

  • The intent of these posts is to encourage sincere conversation about the challenges of living this stage of life well and to problem solve regarding that.  That’s all.

  • Comments will be reviewed before publication.  The focus is on providing a full range of opionions and ideas, but we do not tolerate fake stuff, incendiary garbage that’s hurtful, harmful, or just plain mean, and useless ranting.  This needs to be a civil conversation. (True all the time, but insisted upon here….) Differing opinions are great, but no sniping or snarkiness.

  • If you just want to “lurk” (not provide a comment) that’s okay, but it’s more satisfying to have a voice.

  • This site is not focused on making money or “building a platform.”  It’s to get us talking about what this stage of life is like and what we’ve learned collectively about doing it well.

  • If, in the future, there are other ways to be involved in wherever this goes, you’ll be invited via posts here to do that when the time comes.

  • Please do comment.  We all have different experiences, perspectives, and issues.  We can learn so much by talking with each other.

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