Welcome to Real Retirement Planning!

Welcome to Real Retirement Planning!

Yes, you need money to be able to retire. But you need a whole lot more and it’s about time somebody starting blogging about that. So here I am, at your service. My name is Mary Lloyd and my mission is to make sure people live the years after retirement on fire and on purpose. You don’t have to save the world–unless you really want to. But you do have to do things that are really important to you if you want to have a good life once it’s time for “the good life.”

I write, speak and teach about this topic because we all need to plan for more than bunco parties and time with the grandkids once we no longer need to show up for work everyday.  My intention with this blog is to get people thinking about retirement differently–and more completely.

As a culture, we tend to look at it as a benevolent form of termination. You are done. You will still have money in the bank every month, but you don’t have to do anything to earn it any more. The typical reaction to this is to claim the right to do nothing with gusto–and then jam anything you can find into the day so you can brag about how busy you are.

What we need to do instead is think about how we really WANT to spend our time. And then to follow through to make those things a major part of everyday life. Leisure is only pleasant as an antidote for work. We need to find the things we believe in strongly enough that we want to work on them “just because.”

Mining Silver–that is my hope. That each of us finds our own unique value–our silver– and uncovers how to use it after work becomes an option.

Having enough money is a key piece of living the “retirement” stage of life well. But having enough meaning is even more crucial. That is what we will explore on this blog.

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