There’s more…

There’s more…

Retirement is not “the end.”  There is a LOT more life left when we move beyond the career years…..meaningful contributions to make…important stuff to learn…amazing adventures to go on….and deep relationships to savor.  The last third of life holds far more promise than current society sees.  That means you won’t have the benefit of a good set of instructions to do it well.

This stage of life is not about comfort and being taken care of.  It’s not about preparing your home and your investment portfolio so you’re ready to deal with “inevitable decline.”  It’s not about making things easy for yourself.  The key to successful aging is to define the most vibrant, interesting, engaged life you could have and then live it.  

To get it right, you need to work at it.  First, get to know yourself. There are lots of pieces to that.  You can do it without getting all touchy feely if you prefer.  But you do need to do it.

Then you need to learn to balance who you are with all the things you want in your life–time with family and friends, ways to be involved in the greater good, physical health, etc.

This website is a collection of tools (but not a “set of instructions”).  The instructions you need to create for yourself.  They need to be a custom fit.

Here’s a summary of what you’ll find on this site:

PAGES: The top navigation (the words above the green block, in black –“creating it”, “living it”, etc.) link to pages with core content.  This is key information that stays the same.  Each of those pages also has links to other pages (that take on a topic in more detail), relevant Mining Silver blog posts, and external resources.

  • CREATING IT — for planning your “retirement”.  (Sorry, that not the best word.)
  • LIVING IT — for…well….living it.
  • REVISING IT — for when it fizzles or the situation changes, and you need to redirect.
  • ABOUT… info on the website and Mary Lloyd (the person behind it)
  • CONTACT US….how to do that.  (Okay. Obvious…)

CATEGORIES: The side navigation (to the right of this text…inside the green-brown block) takes you to the blog posts (10 years worth).  These are 300 to 800-word articles. Each is about a specific aspect of living the last third well.  As new posts are added, previous ones move deeper into the lists (but remain as part of the archive).  If a post relates to more than one category and seems particularly relevant, you’ll see it more than one place.

  • Articles — the full list of posts, by date, most recent to oldest.  (If you want to find posts on a particular topic, use the search box.)
  • Creating it (posts)— articles that augment what’s on the page with that label (across the top).
  • Living it (posts)— articles about the challenges within routine retirement.
  • Revising it (posts) — articles focused on what to do when what you have going isn’t working.
  • About… — news on the why and who of this website.
  • Thought Soup — A random collection of good posts that don’t relate to the “big 3” topics.  These are about life skills, attitude checks, an occasional rant, holiday messages–you get the idea.
  • What We’re Trying to Do Here… — key posts, as needed to explain what we’re about.

WELCOME!  And please do offer your comments when you have something to add after reading a post!

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