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New Territory. New Tools. Old Skills.

How can you get the work done and still give those who’ve earned it the freedom of retirement? There are ways. Many unique, workable ways.

To keep critical expertise, explore this new frontier. Formal programs might result eventually, but for now, problem solving on a case-by-case basis makes the most sense. What is truly essential to THIS job? What is critical to retain of THIS employee’s capabilities? That knowledge can lead to dynamic new solutions.

Defining the highest priorities and critical needs of both the retiree and the company has to come first. This is a matter of effective problem solving. We can help. Mary Lloyd has solid experience in corporate problem solving and can put your managers through an effective process to clarify and focus on what needs to be retained.

Using the concepts laid out in Supercharged Retirement, we can provide a customized retirement planning process that helps these key individuals clarify and flesh out what they really want as “retirement.”  Some are likely to be interested in a personalized, innovative arrangement that allows them to continue to provide their expertise to the company.  Even if they aren’t, they will be healthier and happier. That’s a boon if the company is covering health care costs, but to the retiring employee and society as a whole in every case.

Once both the company’s and the employee’s needs are clear, it’s a matter of creating a solution that honors both. If you need it, we can also facilitate problem solving sessions to develop those unique innovative solutions you need to get the work done.

Find a place to start. You’re not employing robots. They don’t become obsolete. But they become invisible if you ignore what they have to offer. You’ve invested years in helping them learn to get the job done well. Why assume it needs to walk out the door upon “retirement”? Pick the situation that has to most promise and try something new.

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