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Dynamic New Solutions


Mixing tried and true with new for Dynamic New Solutions

Here’s an example:

You have a top producing sales person who qualifies for retirement. Her customers are cringing at the idea of having to work with anybody else. You could potentially lose a big chunk of sales in her area to your competitor if you don’t get the transition right.

What can you do?

Ways to capture/retain terrific customer rapport –

  • Involve her in replacement selection and get her into a mentoring agreement
  • Commission her to develop a how-to manual for “the new guy ”
  • Try a team sales effort with her as a part time member
  • Negotiate an on-call arrangement for her to advise the new hire as needed
  • Retain her but let her to do the work on a flextime basis and from whatever workable remote location she chooses
  • Retain her for a critical season each year
  • Retain her to handle a specific account or accounts on a less than full time basis

This are just ideas. What works in your given situation will be a function of the skills and abilities of your “master”, the established needs of the Company and potential retiree, and the work situation. You can’t run a backhoe from a remote location. But you can do a lot of customer service with a laptop, a cell phone, and a Wi Fi hot spot.

Find the BEST alternative. Think about what will work. Brainstorm. Troubleshoot. Try something new.

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