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Boot Camp for 50+ Job Seekers
Much of the advice offered to older job seekers is counterproductive.  This one-day class looks job search through the 50+ lens, with short lectures, worksheets, class discussion, and practice. Covers:

  • Personal Branding
  • Job Search Strategy
  • Best 50+ Resumes
  • Networking—online and off.
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Outsmarting Ageism

“I now have a clue that I need to up date my non-existent computer skills and a resume – opened my eyes on how out of touch I am.”

“I really enjoyed this.  Hope to be able to do more info like this.  Thank you very much.” 

“Mary Lloyd is an EXCELLENT teacher!”

“Mary is so informed –she covered so many relevant issues – very organized.”

“Mary made the scary aspects personal and digestible.”

Living Silver:  How to Make Retirement Meaningful, Fun, and the Best Part of Your Life

Do you want to retire?  What options are there besides sun and golf?  This one-day class addresses the essentials of non-financial retirement planning, providing information, insight, anecdotes, and personal discovery.

Includes copy of Supercharged Retirement(a $16.95 value)

“I found the program helpful, timely to my situation, easy to listen to, full of “ah ha” comments, insightful, interesting.”

“Very valuable to people contemplating retirement; different perspective for me.”

“Liked the humor in stories and experiences of the author.”

“Meaningful, relevant to any situation”

“Nice balance of lecture and individual work time”

“More than expected – didn’t want to miss any of it.”

“I am thinking of aspects of class constantly.”

$99 to $150 per person
(depending on travel required and class size)

Corporations, associations, trade unions, and other organizations:
This class can also be arranged for a flat fee.

"When you can afford to not work all day every day, the real prize is not the leisure. It's the chance to begin again in a direction that reflects who you've become."

From Supercharged Retirement: Ditch the Rocking Chair, Trash the Remote, and Do What You Love
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