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About Mary Lloyd

She's been a pioneer since the age of 19, as a female geologist, as a woman executive in the energy industry, and now as a champion for more meaningful retirement. Her writing ability, PhD level training and broad range of experience provide excellent credentials for writing on this topic. She retired well before her baby boom peers and has learned a lot about how to live these years well. Funny, informed, and passionate about making retirement the best time of all, she began writing books and started Mining Silver LLC to help others find the energy and satisfaction of living this part of life well.

"... a practical problem solver with a penchant for making things happen."

She's managed blue, white, and pink collar employees and understands the needs of both management and workers. She's effective at defining a new direction and recruiting and motivating others to join the effort.

Prior to starting Mining Silver LLC, she spent 17 years in management in the natural gas industry, ran her own consulting business and co-owned a countertop manufacturing company.

She's a seasoned, results oriented coach and consultant, who's worked with large corporations such as IBM and Amoco as well as small business. She has a reputation for fostering teamwork and creating alliances. She's taught seminars on everything from leadership and motivation to college level statistics.

Her current focus is on working with companies to create innovative solutions to the experience drain and labor shortages developing as the baby boom retires. She is available for presentations, coaching, program development projects, and seminars.

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